Submission Guidelines

Preparing and Formatting Your Paper

Original research papers and perspectives

  • Should be written with the following elements in the following order:
  • Title page; abstract; keywords; introduction, main text; acknowledgments; statement; references; table(s) with caption(s) (on separate pages); figures; figure captions (as a list)
  • no more than 8000 words, inclusive of the abstract, references, endnotes.
  • a brief abstract of 200 words.
  • 5 and 6 keywords.
  • Provide a similarity Index report otherwise you would be charged for such report.

Authors may submit their paper in any scholarly format or layout. Manuscripts may be supplied as single or multiple files. These can be Word, rich text format (rtf), open document format (odf). Figures and tables can be placed within the text or submitted as separate documents. Figures should be of sufficient resolution to enable refereeing.

  • There are no strict formatting requirements, but all manuscripts must contain the essential elements needed to evaluate a manuscript: abstract, author affiliation, figures, tables, funder information, and references. Further details may be requested upon acceptance.
  • References must be in APA style. All bibliographic entries must contain a corresponding in-text citation.
  • Spelling can be US or UK English so long as the usage is consistent.


  1. Author details. All authors of a manuscript should include their full name and affiliation on the cover page of the manuscript. Please also include social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn). One author will need to be identified as the corresponding author, with their email address usually displayed in the research paper Authors’ affiliations are the affiliations where the research was conducted. If any of the named co-authors moves affiliation during the peer-review process, the new affiliation can be given as a footnote. Please note that no changes to affiliation can be made after your paper is accepted. 
  2. Funding details. Please supply all details required by your funding and grant-awarding bodies as follows:
    This research was sponsored by the [Funding Agency] under Grant [number xxxx].
    For multiple agency grants
    This research was sponsored by the [Funding Agency #1] under Grant [number xxxx]; [Funding Agency #2] under Grant [number xxxx]; and [Funding Agency #3] under Grant [number xxxx].
  3. Disclosure statement. This is to acknowledge any financial interest or benefit that has arisen from the direct applications of your research. 
  4. Biographical note. Please supply a short biographical note for each author. This could be adapted from your departmental website or academic networking profile and should be relatively brief.
  5. Tables should present new information rather than duplicating what is in the text. Readers should be able to interpret the table without reference to the text.
  6. Equations. If you are submitting your manuscript as a Word document, please ensure that equations are editable.
  7. Please use 12 font size in Times New Roman.